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Specially Designed and Formulated for LASTING Rust Prevention,  Waterproofing, Beautification, Insulation and Sound Deadening of Your  Metal Building!

How Long Should a Metal Roof Last?
A good metal roof should last the life of a building, yet many must be  replaced within a span of 10 to 15 years. This premature loss, a result  of neglect, can be eliminated by using WHITE-STAR LIQUID RUBBER BASE  ROOF COATING. WHITE-STAR is not just a coating. It is part of a complete building maintenance program. Let us explain why metal roofs and  sidewalls are so valuable - how PACE’s WHITE-STAR is used throughout  North America to extend the life of a metal building at remarkable low  cost.


Cost of Metal Keeps Climbing!
Metal cost keeps climbing at an alarming rate. This means metal roofs  increase in value with each passing day. Protecting a metal building  before it rusts or leaks (preventative maintenance) is one of the  smartest investments your business can make. Simple, well planned  renewal with WHITE-STAR is an intelligent answer that makes good  economics.

Unique Features of WHITE-STAR
Only WHITE-STAR contains the ultraviolet inhibitor, Tinuven, that  prevents the sun’s damaging rays from cracking, peeling or discoloring  metal roofs. Unlike conventional paints and coatings that break down  under the sun, WHITE-STAR continues to protect, waterproof and beautify. Once applied, WHITE-STAR cures to a seamless, fully adhered rubbery  membrane.

Only WHITE-STAR offers the anti-oxidant Irganox that extends the life of a metal surface two to three times that of conventional coatings.  Irganox protects metal against the ravages of acid rain, airborne  chemicals, and pollutants that are known to accelerate the process that  breaks down conventional coatings and eventually destroys metal  surfaces.

What’s the #1 Cause of Leaks & Unnecessary Roof Replacement?
Hail? Wind? Foot Traffic? Acid Rains? Building Settlement? Manufacturer's Defects? Shoddy Construction?

The Answer: None of the above.
Roof neglect is the number one cause of roof leaks and costly  replacement because business owners are, typically, in an out-of-sight, “out-of-mind€¯” situation, and will often wait until their roof leaks  before doing anything about repairing it.

The graph at above shows the excessive expansion and contractions  which occur in a metal roof compared to the rate of other metal  buildings under identical conditions. Over time, this movement loosens  fasteners and lifts seams, allowing water entry.


WHITE-STAR is a rubbery, seamless waterproof membrane with a 200%  stretch capability! WHITE-STAR has high tensile strength to elongate and recover while firmly adhering to a metal surface to bridge hairline  cracks.
WHITE-STAR is specifically designed for application to metal roofs and  sidewalls. WHITE-STAR inhibits rust, corrosion, waterproofs, insulates,  and beautifies all in a one coat application. WHITE-STAR absorbs the  impact of rain and hail, deadening their sound. WHITE-STAR creates a  flexible, seamless, fully adhered rubber membrane that won't crack, peel or flake!

Covers at rate of 1 1/2 to 2 gallons per 100 sq. ft on metal roofs; 1 1/2 gallons per 100 sq. ft on metal sidewalls. Available in 55 gal and  205 litre barrels and 5 gal and 20 litre pails.



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