SEAMLESS SPRAY is the only sensible intelligent method open to a  building owner, if he hopes to control his roof maintenance expense.  SEAMLESS SPRAY is a necessity - born out of inflated roof replacement  costs.

Just the other day a PACEman wrote us about a job where the roofer  quoted a price of $385 a square for putting down a three-ply new  built-up roof. This was in an area where labor costs are not considered  excessively high, so it is reasonable to assume this same job would be  quoted at $425 to $450 per square elsewhere. The joke is that on this  job - and so many like it - the roofing company is not just charging the new super-inflated price for the labor for putting down the new roof -  but he is also figuring the bill for labor for tearing off the old roof  and disposing of these materials before the new construction begins.


Based on our years of experience, less than 5% of all roofs our  distributors have surveyed had a base that was so far gone that  replacement with a new built-up roof was recommended. So right there, by saving the old roof with WET-JET, SILVERLEAF or WHITE-STAR you save a  great deal of money, even if you were to go the route of brush or roller application. But with SEAMLESS SPRAY you can utilize your own help,  while borrowing our equipment (absolutely free). Cost? On the average  job (depending on the surface and product used), the total cost of both  PACE materials and labor will run about $1.50 per square foot, or $150  per square. (This includes cost of roof preparation, cleaning,  reinforcing weak areas, flashings, parapets, etc.) That means a savings  of up to 75%.

Every factory - hospital - school - church - nursing home - city,  county building - apartment house - property management concern with a  roof that takes 10 barrels of WET-JET, SILVERLEAF or WHITE-STAR - building sidewall requiring 10 barrels is also a potential customer for  SEAMLESS SPRAY!

This is not complicated equipment - in most cases you will have at  least one man with average mechanical “know-how”to head the crew so  that the operation will proceed smoothly. If you have only one man  available, this man can supervise two or three unskilled laborers who  can be hired through a local labor pool. Friends, relatives and  neighbors are good sources too. College and high school students,  carpenters, handymen and painters also make excellent crewmen.

Advantages of Seamless Spray - Why Seamless Spray Revolutionizes Roof Renewal Methods

With SEAMLESS SPRAY, roof renewals that required weeks to apply may  now be completed within a few days! With these 9 advantages!!

(1) SEAMLESS SPRAY pumps WET-JET, WHITE-STAR or SILVERLEAF direct  from ground level right up onto the roof. This eliminates entirely  lifting of pails or drums up onto the roof level. Save Labor!

(2) SEAMLESS SPRAY applies more even coating than conventional brush  or roller application. Greater customer satisfaction. Eliminates  overlapping by conventional methods. Save Labor!

(3) SEAMLESS SPRAY recommended on larger jobs (10 barrels or more).  Smaller renewals may be handled by conventional brush or roller  application. SEAMLESS SPRAY is so fast (empties barrel of material in  approximately 30 minutes). The larger the job - - the more you save!

(4) SEAMLESS SPRAY applies Fast - - one man operates pole gun on  roof. One man tends hoses on roof, keeps hoses behind pole gun operator  for faster spray application. Third man at ground level transfers pump  from empty to full drums for continuous spraying without time-consuming  interruptions. Save Labor!

(5) SEAMLESS SPRAY slashes application costs. After roof preparation  is done, three men can apply 15,000 to 30,000 sq. ft. per 8-hour day.  Save Labor!

(6) SEAMLESS SPRAY is easy! Complete operating instructions accompany each unit. Any maintenance man without previous experience easily  masters use of equipment with outstanding results! Save Labor!

(7) SEAMLESS SPRAY package is complete. Everything you need to easily hook up to your own air supply. Everything you need except the air!  Save Labor!

(8) SEAMLESS SPRAY hooks us fast. Allow 30 minutes to one hour to hook up - - and you are ready to Spray! Save Labor!

(9) SEAMLESS SPRAY cleans up easily - - complete instructions on how  to use pump itself to pump solvent for “self-cleaning” of pump, lines  and pole gun. Save Labor!



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