HYLO-ZYME ... The Plumbing System Conditioner

For a multitude of buildings - ranging from Fast Food Drive-Ins,  Motels and Apartment Houses to Packing Plants. PACE manufactures  HYLO-ZYME to keep plumbing systems clean and free flowing. HYLO-ZYME is  approved by the USDA for use under USDA inspection programs. Safe,  effective enzyme action liquefies solid organic accumulations in  plumbing systems. Improves flow, restores operating capacity of the  entire plumbing system. Improves efficiency of grease traps, septic  tanks, and sewage lagoons. Eliminates odors from the entire system.

Safe! Non-Corrosive! Non-Toxic!
The pure enzymes we use in HYLO-ZYME come from the very same family of  enzymes used in meat tenderizers. They're non-toxic and so completely  safe.

When it enters your plumbing system, it is protective to pipes as  contrasted to caustic drain openers and cleaners that eat into metal and damage porcelain. This is an extra bonus you get when you install a  HYLO-ZYME program.

Vent Use Saves Labor!
For motels, hotels, apartment complexes, office buildings, etc. with  hundreds of individual drains, PACE has developed the "Top-side Vent  Method". Instead of laboriously scatter shooting by treating each drain, you put HYLO-ZYME - according to our prescribed schedule - into each  roof vent. As the vents relate with all pipes in the complete plumbing  system, you accomplish the same results in minutes instead of hours. Our directions cover all details for vent use.

Available in 10 lb, 25 lb and 100 lb drums. In Canada, 25 lb drums only.



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