Made with SR-3 ... Works in all weather to 10° F ... Immediate...Instant...Permanent Repair

SR-3, the newest PACE technical discovery, gives you a tested, proven chuckhole repair that's permanent, quick and inexpensive. Until now,  road patch products were either so hard in cold weather, they became  useless - or, once applied, quickly loosened and popped out.

TRAFFIX is a combination of selected aggregates and treated asphalt  with SR-3, PACE's exclusive compacting agent added. SR-3 binds TRAFFIX  into a homogenous mass, that bonds perfectly to all types of road  construction. Once applied, it stays put. Apply it on a wet or dry  surface. Its use is incredibly easy...results are completely foolproof!

Three Things You Get in No Other Road Patch!!!

Successful in Sub-Freezing Weather
Temperature doesn't affect it. Use it anytime, all winter long...even to 10 degrees!

Built-In Primer
You don't need a bond or primer. These are already built into the formula...guarantees faster, easier application.

Wet Surface Application
Use it after a snowstorm or a rainstorm. The chuckhole doesn't have to  be dry. Just brush out dirt and debris, apply, and let SR-3 - the  compacting agent - fit TRAFFIX to the chuckhole.

Covers at rate of 1 gallon per sq. ft - 2" depth. Available in 5 gal and 20 litre pails. 55 gal barrels U.S. only



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