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Is Your Blacktop Living on Borrowed Time?


From the day your blacktop is constructed, your parking lot lays wide open to the destructive effects of the weather. Immediately after  installation a shrinking process begins to work on asphalt surfaces.  This creates openings of various sizes...some as pinholes, hardly  visible to the naked eye...others large enough so you can insert the tip of a knife blade. At the same time, intense sun works to oxidize the  asphalt and this causes cracking.

These openings let rain, sleet and snow invade the small pores and  begin a relentless campaign of destruction! If you carefully check and  photograph a blacktop through its stages, you will see how fast the  disintegration can occur. And once this condition is advanced, the  opportunity to save the substantial investment in your blacktop is lost. Costly replacement is then the only option.

This loss can be easily and effectively stopped with PARK-KING®,  PACE's Blacktop Sealer. PARK-KING® is a careful blend of GILSONITE, the  toughest form of asphalt know to man, and a new generation of synthetic  and blended oils, a wonder of modern chemistry. Through this marriage of ingredients comes a sealer that is amazing in the way it adds years to  the life of any blacktop.


This blending of oils provides PARK-KING® with "Defense in Depth". Other sealers lie on top of a blacktop. Their limited "skin" of pretection  can peel. PARK-KING® penetrates into your blacktop. It seals each pore  individually with waterproofing that cannot peel or be scraped off even  by snowplows.

Dries Quickly!
Your blacktop can be back in use in four hours. No loss of valuable time.

More Economical - Saves Labor!
PARK-KING® is the One Coat blacktop sealing system. It eliminates half  or more of the labor (the most expensive part of any job) from your  blacktop sealing project compared with other sealers that require two  and three coats.

Easy Application - Superb Coverage!
Whether you apply it yourself or contract application, PARK-KING's® One  Coat formulation goes on quickly and easily with rollers. The average  blacktop requires one gallon per 100 square feet.

Doubles the Life of Blacktop!
According to contractors, the average life of a blacktop surface is five to seven years. Parking lots maintained with PARK-KING® can last more  than twice as long.

Your Blacktop Works as Advertising!
PARK-KING® dries to a beautiful satin-black finish. With PARK-KING®,  your entire building gains a new luster and improved appearance that can help draw business.

PARK-KINGĀ® is not available in the state of California.

Average blacktop requires one gallon per 100 sq. ft. Available in 5 gal and 20 litre pails, and 55 gal and 205 litre barrels.
A Super-Striper unit, a portable applicator for clean, fast striping of  parking lots, is available along with Super-Stripe Paint and Stencil  Kits.



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