Repair and resurface concrete floors, walks and drives.

A 100% Hydraulic Cement That's 6 Ways Better than Ordinary Cement

Fast Setting
FAST-KRETE sets fast - without heat, curing agents or special treatment. It sets in 15 minutes and in less than an hour fork trucks can drive  over it. Your walks, driveways and floors are open to traffic - without  delays.

Super Strong
FAST-KRETE forms a hard, wear-resistant and lasting patch that is over  110% stronger than ordinary concrete. And the longer it sets the  stronger it gets.

Bonds Permanently
Ordinary concrete shrinks as it sets, but FAST-KRETE expands - wedging  itself in place with a vise-like grip that keeps it from popping out.

Use Anytime
FAST-KRETE can be mixed and used almost anytime of the year - hot summer weather - cold and damp weather - even when it's below freezing  outside.

Use Anywhere
FAST-KRETE is highly resistant to wear and abrasion and it has more  chemical resistance than ordinary concrete so you can use it anywhere  inside or outside to repair concrete walks, drives and floors.

Easy to Use
Just mix FAST-KRETE with ordinary tap water. There's no need for curing  agents or special compounds. In fact, it's so easy to use even unskilled laborers can do it.
One pail covers approximately 10 sq. ft - 1/2" thick. Available in 5 gal and 20 litre pails.

FAST-KRETE II - The Fast, Easy Way to Resurface Concrete Floors, Walks and Drives

FAST-KRETE II restores those unsightly, hazardous  floors, sidewalks, loading docks, ramps and driveways to smooth,  safe-to-walk-on surfaces. FAST-KRETE II is a self-bonding, oil &  water resistant concrete resurfacer that may be featheredged. Use it  inside and outside on both concrete and masonry to prevent further  surface deterioration, and save the high cost of complete replacement

Use FAST-KRETE II wherever repairs are needed - inside or outside. Will bond to damp surfaces.

Extra Strong
A thin 1/4" thick layer is strong enough to support industrial truck traffic. 5 times stronger than conventional concrete!

FAST-KRETE II can be featheredged to a 1/4" or less or applied up to a full inch thick.

FAST-KRETE II sets overnight, dries hard enough to support truck traffic in just 48 hours.

Unaffected by petroleum or coal tar solvents, oil, and grease.

Easy to Apply
Supplied in a two-packaged system - dry powder and activator. No additional compounds or substances needed. Just mix and apply.
One unit covers approximately 10 sq. ft - 1/4" thick. Available in 5 gal and 20 litre pails.



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