CONCRETE-PLUS seals out water, oil, grease, salt, gasoline...adds  years of life to driveways, parking areas, walks, ramps, docks and  loading areas...keeps interior industrial floors from dusting. Just one  application of CONCRETE-PLUS is all that's needed.

The cellular construction of concrete is such that even the finest mix  laid down with excellent workmanship is subject to deterioration and  eventual breakdown. Year-round exposure - 24 hours a day - to rain,  sleet, sun and changes of temperature cause surface scaling and  cracking. De-icing salts tracked in from the street and other chemicals  create spalling. The costly result: expensive replacement at today's  super-inflated prices.

Any time before this damage occurs. The best time is 90 days after the  new concrete is poured. We emphasize: CONCRETE-PLUS is a sealer and not a resurfacer! Obviously, it will not resurface a badly deteriorated area. As preventive maintenance, it is an investment that pays for itself  many times over!

Replacing a huge parking lot or driveway can cost you thousands of  dollars, interrupt business and cause inconvenience to your customers.  CONCRETE-PLUS costs less than 19 cents per square foot, and is the only  product formulated for tough parking lot traffic.

Covers at the rate of 200 sq. ft per gallon. Available in 5 gal and 20 liter pails. 55 gal barrels U.S. only



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