Takes the slips and falls out of danger areas!

ALLSAFE II is an easily applied, easy to use single part non-skid  coating system, providing greater scuff resistance and super durability. This rubber base enamel coating gives a tougher, spark-proof safety  finish for exceeding OSHA requirements. Use it on loading docks, ship  decks, catwalks, tailgates & truck beds, food processing plants,  locker rooms, stair treads, bus aisles and more!


If you put ALLSAFE II under a microscope, you'll see a specially  formulated resin material blended with millions of diamond hard silica  grit that takes the slip and fall out of the slipperiest surfaces. These particles act as snubbers to grab the soles of the person walking  across the floor, ramp, loading dock, etc. They make it virtually  impossible to lose footing even when operating under the most hazardous  conditions. ALLSAFE II prevents costly accidents and resulting  litigation to say nothing of the needless suffering such accidents  cause. Every factory and institution should keep ALLSAFE II on hand for  slip-proofing all accident-prone areas.

* ALLSAFE II is not paint - but a coating - the equivalent of at least 10 times the thickness of conventional floor paint.

* ALLSAFE II has its own primer "built-in" - using just one coat saves labor.

* ALLSAFE II is USDA authorized - low VOC.

* ALLSAFE II bonds to metal, wood and cement surfaces.

* ALLSAFE II is easy to apply. A stiff bristled brush is all that is needed.

* ALLSAFE II dries in 5 - 6 hours. You never have a tie up in production and traffic flow.

ON LAND OR ON SEA! Indoor or Outdoor Use! ALLSAFE II is highly  resistant to alkali, detergents, mild acids, brake fluid, oil, grease,  etc. Approved for use in food or meat handling areas - for marinas -  boat docks, piers. ALLSAFE II provides a permanet non-slip surface in 5  major colors - Gray, Green, Red, Yellow, Black and is U.S.D.A.  authorized.



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